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As suggested by DarkHorse here, I'll start a 'Top Tips' thread so everyone can contribute their tips on how to get good results with little effort.



Here's what I discovered yesterday:

Bought some cheap (99p) magic eraser type pads this afternoon, not hoping for much but worth a try on my steering wheel. 

I have to say that the result is pretty much amazing. I know it's been recommended but never tried this before.

Wheel looks like new and was full of dirt. 

Moved on to clean up the doorcard, driver's seat and the centre console leathery bits, creambeige-finally looking as they should.

Very impressed and happy with the result.






The box:



Got them from a 'savers' shop, can't remember the correct name. They don't have any soap or anything in them, just the foam and a bit of water. They aren't abrasive either, so I don't think they will affect the coatings on the leather. I'll be buying loads of these now :)


Little follow up-they feel soft and non abrasive but on a molecular scale they are pretty hard so I suppose they shouldn't be used too often.

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Just remembered another thing I discovered years ago...

To get polished stainless exhaust tips clean use wheel cleaner on them. Don't leave it there too long and try to agitate with a brush.

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Thanks, I don't normally try anything more than a wipe down with water, in case I do more harm than good.

I'll give my steering wheel the "magic foam" treatment soon, just a gentle wipe / mild scrub with water and see what happens :o:shock:.



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5 hours ago, JASON530D said:

very nice job just ordered for my steering wheel so just soak in water and ill get results like them pictures?

That's all I did. Rub gently and rinse often. I got tons of dirt from the wheel and seat. 

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Instead of a two bucket wash, use one bucket and a short pile wash mitt. Have a trigger with adjustable spray patterns on the end of the hose. After each panel, spray the mitt to clear the dirt off. Done right, there can be less dirt on the mitt than using the TBW. The foam pre-wash can simply be a  woosh over with the hose. The time saving over getting out the pressure washer, foam lance and filling 2 massive buckets is huge. Of course, if the car is filthy, a pressure washer/foam pre-wash will still be the way to go. Thanks to the Forensic Detailing Channel on YouTube for this one.

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