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Headlamp aim too low

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As per the title of the topic, my headlamps now need adjusting. The mechanic had a bit of a look and said he couldn't find how to do it and needs to spend a bit longer figuring it out. 


Is this a relatively straight forward job (once you know how to do it)? Anything on the internet I could view?


Help appreciated.


1987 E28 520I lux

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If you posted a bit more information about where you live someone local might offer to pop by and help you out.


My E24 failed on dip beam aim a few years ago and the mechanisms were seized but it took ten minutes to take the entire headlights out, five minutes to free them up and two minutes to set them right when I got it back to the MoT station.

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Pop into your local MOT place and get them to do it on the machine for a drink. Got mine done for free just because I asked if they could during the MOT as I knew one was low.

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Hi Mark,


I have just rebuilt my headlamp assemblies with powder coated frames, left hand drive low beam inserts (dipped beam) and all new adjustment fittings.  When disassembling the right hand drive originals I found two of the six joint sleeves (item 18) had become brittle with age and were broken.  The was allowing two of my headlights to wobble and accounts for headlight aim low MOT issues in recent years.  This may well be an underlying cause and unless fixed you will be trying to adjust a "worm in a bucket" as the headlamp will not be held tight .




Below is a link to the BMW TIS / aiming headlights:




Below is a link to the BMW TIS / removing and installing left or right double headlight:








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