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I had some old Meguiars leather cleaner/ conditioner. It seemed to have emulsified a little and made the passenger seat worse than before, when I tried to clean it. I binned it and bought some Inside, along with Auto Finesse's leather conditioner.


I'm sure there is no possible justification for a little Swissvax interior brush for £7 but I got one of those as well.


I tried the Inside (diluted 1:5) on the leather and am seriously impressed. Just spray onto leather (or brush for vertical bits), scrub for a short time, wipe with a damp microfibre then dry with a dry microfibre. My car is 25,000 miles so the driver's seat had developed some 'bum shine' and the other seats had suffered a small amount of family abuse. The inside brought everything back to looking like new leather, including cleaning out the awful Meg's stuff. It also easily dealt with some suspicious substance (chocolate at a guess) that was in the passenger carpet mat and made scrubbing dirty plastics a doddle. The Auto Finesse stuff was easy to apply (cheapo Halfords applicator pad) and buff and does not add unwanted shine.


I'd recommend both products but you can probably get a better priced brush ^_^


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