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E60 Driver Seat Rear Panel Removal

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I have scoured the forum, and my searches dont come back wih anything really good.


I cant for the life of me release the panel on back of my drivers seat.


I have read all the guides saying pull or push side to side whilst pulling rearwards, but i cant get it to release :(


The car is a 53 plate pre LCI.


All the photographs I can find are never quite good enough to truly see the form of the clip, so i can work out what im doing wrong :(


Has anyone got a really good high res set of photos of the clips, and how they fit to the seat, etc..?


To make things worse, I think all my attempts have affected the air bag connection as when i reconnected my battery my airbag light is on! This could be my wheel though as every now and again it comes on due to start check on drivers wheel bag .... but thats for another day!

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Pretty easy to remove, grab the top of the panel at each side just on the rounded section, while pulling towards you jiggle it from side to side.

when i did both of mine the clips came off the panel and remained in the seat, i had to use a hot glue gun to fix them back on again..


Seat back removal

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