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E28 M Technic Wheels / OEM M5/M535i

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I've been asked to list these wheels for sale by a good friend on this forum for better/more visibility in order to increase chances of a sale. I don't know much about these older OEM wheels so a listing to gauge interest. The tyres are no good, so really just the wheels. 













I've been told there's no damage and as per pictures, they need a good clean and perhaps a full refurbishment later down the line as they could be used as is for a couple seasons/years depending on use etc. 


The seller is asking for £400. 


Any interest and drop me a message and I'll get in touch with the seller and most likely provide direct contact to discuss. 


Cheers, Dennis!

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I'd suggest he's unlikely to get £400. Tyres are metric and your choice is avon or Michelin and horrid to drive on. Neither tyre is  cheap so you'd need to be a concourse fetishist to want to fit them. 


Rare they maybe but not really desirable. 

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Hi Dennis,


If I have read prior information correctly then the black centres for the centre caps are of German origin.  The UK variants had all silver centre caps.


As has been said they look like a good base for an M535i "concourse fetishist".


I believe that The M535i was not originally available in Canada or the US but that there is a steady interest now as the E28 M5 are out of normal peoples price range.  Quite a few Euro and Japanese imports now in North America and the number appears to be growing.  It may be worth advertising these on "myE28.com" as they are rare in North America and the Euro imports are are mostly being imported on 15" / 16" / 17" wheels.  Just a thought.






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