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SMG Paddles on Preface Single Stage Airbag Sport Steering Wheel

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Good morning all,


As title states.


Can I retrofit the SMG paddles on a preface sports steering wheel with the single stage airbag? On my previous E39's (mostly facelifts) I was planning on buying an E46 M3 SMG steering wheel and fitting it (due to it being pretty much a straight swap). As far as I'm aware it isn't straightforward to fit a facelift steering wheel to a preface car.


Therefore my next option is to see if I can buy the paddles from somewhere and have them fitted to my existing sport steering wheel.


Thanks for any advice.



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 I have seen a guide where someone retrofitted Mercedes paddle shifters. From memory I think they used a slip ring from an e38 with a heated wheel to get the extra connections for the paddles.  


 Edit, it was on here, unfortunately the pictures are gone but it gives you an idea of what to do; 



 I see that he actually used an e46 m3 smg slipring but I have definitely seen guides where an e38 one was used.

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Similar to NWJW, I vaguely recall modifying a pre-facelift E39 steering wheel for Merc/AMG paddles and somehow connecting to the car's electrics to make them work but I can't remember exactly where. 


I do have this link though, it's for the Merc/AMG paddles modification but shows a stage 2 pre-facelift facelift Sport steering wheel ;




I think some more delving around and research will be needed to see if it can and does work for a pre-facelift Sport wheel. 


I do know that you can put on a facelift steering wheel and airbag onto a pre-facelift E39. One 'stage' of the airbag is connected and will work, the other stage won't. If you went this route, you wouldn't have to modify the steering wheel. This option I think would be the easier to do, but depends on how much you'd want to have both stages of the airbag working. If you do want full functionality, then you'd need to retrofit the entire airbag system, bags, sensors, wiring, steering column and locks from a facelift E39 into your Pre-facelift. 


Cheers, Dennis!

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I'm actually slightly confused by my car. It was built in 12/1998. It is a 535i and has the 245 PS engine, not the earlier 235/241 PS engines which I thought all preface 535i's had. 


I'm wondering if mine has the later engine, could it have the later steering wheel too? 


Thanks for the two links and all the information, I will definitely go down that route if my car does have the single stage system. 

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