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Middle headlight units

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The outside headlamp units on my 2014 520D SE house the xenons, but the inner units only seem to have the angel eyes without any other lamp fitted. I take it that these light units normally have the cornering lamps fitted, but if that's not on the option list they just blank it out?

Anyone have the answer, and is there any way I can easily examine the unit to find out?

There's an impressed inspection hatch on top of the lamp unit (under a lift up cover) that doesn't open but would appear to line up with where the bulbs should be on the inner lamps.

It's a real journey of discovery finding out what is and isn't fitted on a secondhand beemer!!

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You could Google for "bmw vin decoder" and enter the last 7 digits of the car's VIN into it to find out the original build spec of the car.  IIRC you are right, the middle lights on LCis don't have anything in there unless they are adaptive lights

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There is nothing inside the inner eyes on the standard xenon headlights on a LCI car. only the LED adaptive headlights car will use both eyes, which is a whole different unit


Image result for bmw f10 adaptive led headlights night

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