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Stereo Wires

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I have just bought an original BMW E34 radio (it said it was from an E34 as standard) to replace the broken Blaupunkt one I have in there at the moment, which I am confident is an aftermarket one (green LCD screen and not orange). Thought it would be a straight swap but no, the connections are toally different.

This is what the new stereo has:


With aerial bit of this:



And this is what I have on the car at the moment (I removed the bottom right wire and then put it back):


It looks like someone has cut the wires and spliced these new connectors onto it like so, can also see the aerial plug too in this picture:


To be fair it is a very neat job whoever did this


I have no idea what i am doing when it comes to electrics! I hate them, probably due to the fact I hated them when I was studying it at uni. I can solder and make connectors, as long as I am told what goes to what! I presume I am missing the plug as the new stereo has what looks like a moulded pokey-yoke plug that fits into it (all of the pins are numbered). So is it as simple as aquire a plug with the wires attached and then solder it back into the loom by matching the colours up / working out what goes where?


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I would say yes to that,I recently swapped out the other way and spliced into an adapter so I didn't have to cut the wireing loom.


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Thanks. I have sourced an original part of the loom to retrofit. Step dad has said he will help, he is good when it comes to jobs like this. Hopefully get this done next week as I want to test the radio in case I have to send it back. 

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