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Low spec instrument cluster LCD display issue

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I'm having some trouble with my 1994 520i instrument cluster.  Parts of the digits are fading - In Summer, when the car is started from cold, they are fine, but once the car has warmed up, they start to fade in places.  Not the whole digits, but parts of them.  I spoke to a firm who fixes these, wondering if it was a capacitor issue, but they didn't think so - they thought it was a ribbon issue, but said that whatever was wrong, they would fix it.


So, I paid my money and sent it away.  Got the unit back yesterday, and fitted it in the car.  Unfortunately, once again, it works fine starting from cold, but after a couple of miles it goes again.  I have contacted the company who did the work, but no reply yet.


Do any of you have experience of this, and if so, did you get to the bottom of it?





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Mine had the same issue and I bought a new ribbon cable from Ebay and tried to do it myself, but the lead is so fiddly, it is difficult to line the contacts up correctly.


I ended up getting it probably as good as yours, and was happy to leave it like that!

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