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Suspension overhaul / eBay kits

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2 hours ago, Andyrt200 said:

Nearly there, can’t wait to actually get it out & see how it feels after all the work now!


Thanks to @jimmy for hire of the proper tool, removing the sub frame bushes was easy:




Putting the new ones in was even easier:




I bought a tool to do the ball joints but the thrust washers from the bearings gave up after the first side:


I one of those half’s survived, I realised too late they are ok when pressing on the back of the tool as the load is spread over the whole back of the washer but the nut is much smaller than the bearings so it snapped the thrust washer. It worked ok with a normal big thick washer against the nut & the one remaining thrust washer holding the bearings in place. Annoying though as it wasted loads of time. 




Almost there, again I wasted loads of time cleaning up & painting the backing plates rather than just buying new ones as I wanted to test epoxy mastic paint somewhere I can see it easily....


Just incase it’s useful to anyone else this is the correct ride hight for a Sport Touring (to the top of the wheel arch) for tightening up all of the suspension arm nuts with the wheel off. 




Job well done.

Worth the effort when u know it is done properly

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I just opened the new (October issue of) PPC magazine & found they managed to spread my pictures over three pages, great to see it in print. It reminded me I never finished off updating the pictures on this thread. 


On 6/27/2018 at 8:17 AM, chicaneuk said:

Nice work. Not sure if it's just me but I genuinely enjoy seeing people do good maintenance on a car, or simply just FIXING them, than 'modifying' them.. great stuff.


Thanks, I like modifying cars too though, I just like to be sure I have a solid correct base to start with. Mind you I was keen to get an MSport as BMW had done just about all the mods I want for an every day car. I spent a long time trying to get my my last E34 535i SE to MSport spec! My other cars are a lot more modified (in race track way more than max power)


Some of these pictures are in different places, but I thought I put them all here. 


Some of the jacking point work







I fixed the bubbles at the bottoms of the arches & blended the paint back in too. 


The rear alloy callipers were fine, but the fronts needed a rebuilt 




I was hoping to just clean up & paint this petrol pipe, but as soon as I touched it I smelled petrol & the pipe got wet! 



Oddly the other two right next to it were fine. I got a new genuine steel pipe from BMW (the fuel pipes come pre bent to shape) I was very worried about trying to fit a new hard pipe to the old rubber pipe at rear & figured an identically shaped pipe was the most likely to seal up. The only way to replace the rubber pipe is to take the petrol tank out, I’d managed to do all the other work without removing it so I didn’t really want to at this late stage! 

Luckily the original rubber pipe was still like new though & the new hard pipe sealed up fine (I have been keeping an eye on it).  The rubber BMW used is incredibly good quality, I’m always amazed  at the exhaust hangers stll looking like new when I’v had replacements for other cars that last less than a year. Unfortunately I’ve had new rubber petrol pipes lasting less than that! 


With a nod to modifying I put on some staggered BBS CH-R 19” wheels. 



It still rides far better than a new (in 2007) 320d MSport on 17” wheels did & better than the (2010) 325i SE did when we got fed up with the 320s harsh ride. The (2012) 640d MSport on 20”s was just stupid, never mind harsh ride is was just down right dangerous with the tyres bouncing causing the car to move about all over the place - stupid runflat tyres! 


The E39s original 17s are sticking around though, with winter tyres on...


This was the main lot replaced 


(Air bags got chucked before this picture) 


Then the alternator went too, I found the cooling pipe was full of leaves, that probably didn’t help!



I was kind of glad it did though as I found the inlet pipe was badly split.





The ABS module needed a rebuilt to fix the three lights on the dash that appeared on the dash.


Along with quite a bit of work to get the VANOS correctly working (wish I’d done that long ago!) it’s totally transformed the car. 

Just before doing all the work we did a 250 mile trip to Scotland taking in a nice road over the mountains, it was really horrible to drive. That spurred me on to fix it, I did the exact same drive the other week & it was lovely. Just as it should be feeling like you just popped to the shops rather than a 4 hour drive. 


So as the water pump was the first thing I changed before any of this I think that only leaves the DISA rebuild to do as preventative maintenance. Although (ignoring some ongoing issues with the EWS) its driving perfectly again & I’m a little reluctant to go poking about again! 

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