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I bought the Carly app for BMW to check up on the status of the DPF (the cooling fan seems to come on a lot) and it doesnt have the functionality for G30/G31 yet, apparently.


The lite version should be able to tell you some of the DPF parameters, like incomplete regens, and the full version should be able to trigger a regen.  Even the lite version doesnt work . What a waste of £40 for the connector!


I thought this would help in avoiding driving to suit the DPF. Its really hard to tell when you've met the conditions for triggering passive regens and active regens come on when they like, usually when you have finished your journey for the day


Bimmercode doesnt seem to go into the issue of DPFs at all


So are there any other options. These seem to be the two main ones.  Should I got further ahead with Carly and buy the full version ?




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Carly site claims that G30 support is available as for F series aside from service reset.

Not tried it tho'.

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