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Camshaft & Injector advice

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Hello Guys,


My e28 has unfortunately developed a leaky headgasket. I've ordered a host of new parts, and things I am currently considering is the camshaft & injectors whilst it is in bits.


Camshaft - I'm looking to have built into the shrick fast road camshaft specification - any suggestions on whom best to approach. I'd like to get the head done by them too (pressure test, clean, skim, stem seals)


Injectors - I've just removed the originals which are very loud and look quite tired. Is there any replacements that fit straight in. I am thinking newer design, with a better atomization. There was a set for sale on ebay last year in the USA that I wish I grabbed.


Any words of wisdom welcome


obligatory pic of the old girl



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I seem to recall mustang injectors fit. Exact details I can't recall I'm afraid. I did have a set but sold them. 


Replacing the cam is diy. Did mine in the dining table B)

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Just to update.. have my car back in a roadworthy state now. Injectors have been upgraded to the Bosch EV1 type, and are 1/10th as noisy as the originals! Highly recommended.




Went for an OE febi cam in the end.........




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