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Robert e28

Hello newbie here saying hello to all

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Hello everyone  I'm new to this but really looking forward to getting involved I'm collecting a bmw e28 520i tomorrow it's a bit of a barn find to be honest it's been of the road for very long time it's 1 owner 55000 from new been garaged in this time so it's going to take some getting back road worthy under all the dust the crome looks really good paint ect any advice on where to start would be taken on board any thing I need to look out for ect I'll seed some pictures as soon as and really look forward to being part of this group cheers rob 


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Hi Robert,


Welcome to a great forum.


A Haynes and / or Bentley manual for a start.


The Cam belt should be changed every 40 thousand miles or 4 years whichever comes first, so if there is no evidence of it having been changed within these limits then this is a must.  If the belt snaps then the pistons will most likely meet the valves coming in the opposite direction.  While you are there it makes sense to change out the water pump as well.


Our US cousins on myE28.com refer to a process called "base lining" which involves a complete maintenance makeover replacing all springs, shocks, ball joints, bushings, brake discs, brake pads, rubber brake lines, fuel hoses, coolant hoses, distributor cap, rotor, spark plug leads, all fluids, filters and belts etc.  This makes more sense and provides a degree of reliability after re-commissioning is complete.  Much better than chasing down defective parts which will ruin the driving experience.


A tight E28 is a nice place to be.


Show us some more pictures as and when you make some progress.  It looks like you have a potentially good, rust free low mileage car that will be well worth saving and enjoying.





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