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Rear spring broken

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You could email them with the scenario and ask if it would be covered. 


Guy at work has a fabia vrs with a warranty (that he found out was a rebranded RAC warranty) and he had a noise with the supercharger, took it to skoda who said it needed c£600 of work to replace some pulley. 


He called to submit his claim and they refused saying that it was wear and tear. Even after getting an email from the dealer saying had it been left it would have caused catastrophic failure they wouldn't budge (as I told him, they are black and white and don't care if it was preventative maint) 


He was hard sold the warranty by Available Car and is very wet behind the ears but is now coming round to the fact he's been ripped off for the tune of £1200 (3 years) 

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I bought my car from blackhorse and warranty  was part of the deal.

One year warranty included in car price and choice to extend on a year by year fixed price basis if I payed for the second years upfront at point of sale. If i sold the car then I could claim half of the £350 I paid for the second year back but I knew I'd keep the car for a few years so I signed up to it.

Must have been some kind of deal blackhorse had with the warranty company. There is zero excess on the policy and max that can be claimed for is the value of the car, if repair is dearer then I have to cover the difference.

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About 5 years ago had an E60 which I had also bought from blackhorse before I bought the updated F10.

The E60 had exactly the same warranty s i jave now and the high pressure fuel pump failed and diesel was leaking into engine oil which if left could potentially impair the lubrication of the engine and so lead lead to alsorts of issues.

Took the car into BMW, they diagnosed the issue and phoned warranty company along with the £1300 repair cost and the warranty company sent round an assessor the next day who autherised the claim including an oil and filter change as oil had become contaminated. 

It was the year that part of London was flooded and replacement pump had to come from main BMW warehouse in London so took a few days longer than usual. In the meantime I was give a brand new mini courtesy car. Bmw had the car for 5 days.

With this experience I deffinately wanted the warranty with my F10.


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