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Dear All,

Great day at Ace Cafe the other day, even if it was lashing with rain the whole time.


I have a favour to ask of the forum. At some point in the future I am looking to up grade my exhuast, most likely a Cat Back system, possibly a full replacement since one of my cats seems to faulty anyway, thrown up an EML. 


I'm going to go for a quad exhaust but can't stomach the thought of paying c. £1-2k for something that doesn't sound right, and there's only so much convincing that can be done by the supplier that it will sound as I would want. The only way to do it is to fit it, and pray that it's right.


So what I was wondering, if there is anyone out there who has a 530i with an exhaust upgrade (not necessarily a quad, but preferable) who would be willing to let me listen to it to see if the sound is what I'm after. I would come to you wherever you happen to be, and would be a good opportunity to meet some other forum members and have a good chin wag about cars, and for me to go on a bit of a drive!.


If you're exhaust is the sound that I'm after, then I know exactly what to go out and buy.

Any offers?

Any help would be much appreciated.




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I can't help; but any decent exhaust system fabricator will be able to do you a duel exit system for less than £1k IMO and have it sound how you want. 


They'll be able to pack/un-pack the back boxes until you get the sound you're after, but this is where labour costs will kick in too


I don't know of any makers in your neck of the woods, but there are 2 up here that I've used and would always highly recommend; they being Pipewerx near Ormskirk and JP Exhausts in Macclesfield


Could be worth a road trip ;) 

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Thanks. I'll bear that in mind. 

That makes sense that they can pack and un pack the mufflers, but I'm assuming that that would change the volume of the exhaust, whereas as I'm looking to get the fundamental tones and character of the sound right, which I assume, as I'm no expert, is to do with which frequencies the resonator and muffler kill or let through, and a load of other variables that I k ow nothing about. 


Thanks for the tip though. I'll check them out. 

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if you have a touring its not a walk in the park to fit twin outlets left and right 

i think you have 3 options

1/ cut boot floor pan

2/ branch off org round back of spare wheel well and custom brackets

3/ bumper burner aka link accross behind bumper

all versions can be found on you-t  i think (schmiedmann) do/did a kit for about a grand

there is a 540 touring  up in my neck of the woods but not a club member etc ,etc ( keep wanting to knock on door and ask if i can take a look ):)

i see it a lot mostly mored in a garden off the bypass in ipswich

it never seems to go anyware

if you go ahead with this put some picks up please

there is a exaust fab place a few miles up road from me that do custom ss systems

but other things need doing first :mellow:

would look epic but not a must at the moment  good luck with the project

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Thanks. I will def put some pics up. It will be a while before I get this done I get the feeling as this isn't something I'm rushing into. Can't take the risk of getting it wrong. 

Move listened to a lot of you tube clips. The closest I've found to the sound I like I've posted below. 

But again so many variables. It's a saloon, not a touring so taking a different route might make it sound different, it's on a you tube video, no idea exactly what has been done, I.e full system, cat back, or just mufflers. 

See what people thing about the tone...


hear how it growls, lots of low frequencies, a little bit of an off beat. No rasp, which is good. 

Doesnt blare, a bit of a woofle. 

Hard to put into words I suppose, and even harder to know how it's going to sound before you spend a big wad!

Thanks for your input. 

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14 minutes ago, drpep999 said:



a bit of a woofle. 


A bit like Dennis? 

So you could go in and ask for a Dennis and they would give you something that waffles on....

oh sh1t, you said woofle not waffle, sorry ;) 

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Anyone willing to let me come and have a listen sometime if you're within an hour or so of London?


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Don't think there's many folk on here that have replaced their systems, that seems to be the issue


I'll be changing my back box for a Schmiedmann one in the very near future, but not doing a cat back system as IMO it's just not worth it


I'd say visit a few local exhaust fabricators and see what they can do for you...

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