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Bmw f10/11 audio options.

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Hi gents, hope your all ok?


Ok to cut to the Chase, I am really missing the Individual audio system from my m5.


MY f11 535d M sport has a very good spec but only the base audio setup (x4 mids x2 subs), it's not a bad system but missing the extra kick.


I am thinking about adding tweeters, changing the mids in the front doors and rear head Liner, change the floor subs from 6 to 8 inch.


I think the floor in all of this is the head unit or amp so I take it it would all have to run though a new amp?


I have taken a pic (rear left in boot) and not sure if that's the audio amp?


I am not looking to rattle my next door windows but just upgraded to the sound I use to have in my m5.


if there any guides to this along with wiring a amp on the f11?


any help welcome.


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I added tweeters to my f11 and bass blockers to the front mids as they can’t handle it, it sounds so much better as the subs can deal with the lows without distorting the mids... it genuinely sounds decent now (for the price of the door sails as I had the tweeters)

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Hi Ryanbuck,


In addition to the above from Paperjams, for your information and knowledge take a read of the following website link. It gives you a upgrade path of higher quality 'phases' depending on your own preferences and budget etc.




Quality and performance are key attributes here, and although you 'can' opt for a setup that'll rattle your windows and the pavement outside the car if you wish, these upgrades aren't aimed at those kinds of setups. Smooth and engaging without having to remove all the oem head unit/amplifier aspects are where these upgrades shine!


Cheers, Dennis!

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I installed the equivalent of System 3 years ago in an e60 which had the same issues as the standard f10. 

Huge difference although i reckon it cost half that as a diy with Blaupunkt 5-ch amp and alternative components. 

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