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MK Motorsport wheels

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Good morning

               I know there are many knowledgeable chaps here regarding the myriad of wheels and their various fitments on E39's so I was hoping someone might tell me

if I can fit these beauties on my Touring?

 and also what kind of modifications may be required?



thank you in advance.


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They'll fit straight on


Rears may need to have the airbags lifted a touch to stop rubbing, or maybe a slight roll on the arches


With the right sized tyres I'm sure they'll be fine


Big ass heavy wheels though, I've seen these in the flesh on a few cars (mainly E38s and E65s) and they won't do a lot in the way of handling and speed IMO


You'll not go wrong with dealing with BMAutosport though; very knowledgable and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for decent alloys :) 

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put a shout out to @dennis cooper hes your man for all things wheel related :D

20x10.5 you will struggle  rear arches will need a roll i would think

i assume rear is on air ?

and tyres will need to be rubber bands. x25 ratio


use this size calulator to get a better view of things

i run 9.5 x19 rears on 265x30 on a et17  but not ideal , so going to et20 with 12mm spacers which is about as low you can go with hub centrics

as et 32 in standard fitment  (style 125s) e60 fitment ( board and sleved) to 74.1

personally i think 10.5 is a non starter unless you are after the euro look and all that in tails messing with the suspension etc :unsure:

but see what dennis says 


edit you beat me to it dan :D

seen any on a e39 ? dan



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I think someone over on the BMW E39 pages on FB has them @supertramp101 - asking for trouble though IMO unless you're gonna make serious body mods


Video on Youtube of them on an E39 touring; tyres look stretched to fuck!



I'm on 19x8.5 fronts, ET10 currently (ET15 on alloys but fitted with a 5mm hubcentric shim spacer) and 19x9.5 ET24 on rears


Lowered and rears needed to be raised a touch to stop arch rubbing and that's with OEM sized tyres, so no stretch and no rubber-band syndrome :lol: 

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@Marc_C - have you thought about something like this instead; will fit straight on with proper sized tyres: http://www.bmautosport.co.uk/showroom/product_info.php/new-zito-corsica-alloys-matt-silver-big-concave-rear-p-4458?cPath=51_23_174_162_163_221

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Supertramp - Thanks for the recommendation :)


Loadmaster - 20's, when done properly and right on the E39 can and do look excellent ! It's much more involved though, careful consideration to wheel widths, offsets, design aesthetics, wheel strength, tyre widths & profiles along with ride height and tyre sidewall shapes all need to be evaluated. 


Dan - With everything above considered, there's often very little that needs to be done to the bodywork. 'Ideally' if it's a custom set of wheels then it's minimal bodywork that might be required. If it's a set of wheels that are either used or a specific size/width/offset, then perhaps more mods are needed. These MK Motorsport 20's aren't as 'heavy' as you'd think, they've actually been made using a higher quality alloy than compared to the various unbranded 20 inch options out there. The 'blunting' of cornering and handling with these wheels on 20" would most likely be the same/quite similar as the lower/counterfeit quality 19's out there - it's not like the MK's are 5KG heavier etc


Marc C - When it comes to running 20's on the E39, there's no two ways about it - you need the strongest set of wheels as you can find/afford. The reason is the lower tyre profile needed to keep within the OEM rolling radius for the car's systems to work properly. The tyre sidewalls become stiffer the lower a profile you go and that means when going over road undulations, smaller/medium potholes and imperfections, more of the physical 'shock' energy is 'transferred' through the sidewall and is absorbed by the wheel itself. Have a weaker wheel and the chances of a bend/buckle happening is higher. Have a stronger wheel and it'll absorb the force much better without deforming. The MK wheels you are thinking of would be the 'minimal' level of wheel quality I'd consider for putting on the E39. Definitely stay away from any unbranded counterfeit/replica type wheels! 


10.5's on the back will work but offsets is what you'll need to look at, these are ET22, which is the same offset as the various Hartge sets I have but on 9.5" widths. The MK's are an inch wider and given I've poked my head under the car and seen clearances, have a little more research and see if there's clearance for another inch wheel width there. If not, you can remedy this by using 3/5/7 (or more) spacers but if you go that route, don't forget to buy extended wheel bolts!


We do have matching Alpine White E39 Tourings ! One of my other sets of Hartge's are 20's - 20x10 ET22 and 9x20 ET18. I've got a small bit more of wiggle room in comparison to the MK's. They're in for final finishing currently and I'll be running them for a little while on my car - partly due to the finish and also to act as a test setup for when I specify another custom refinish of one of my Forged wheel sets. Due to the strength aspect I mentioned, for long term, daily use then for better peace of mind i'll be running forged wheels. If any damage, bends/buckles occur if I hit a big pothole etc, then I can change out the lips/barrels. If you look around, then there's variance on tyres as well. 'Ideally' then yes, on the rear it'd be a 285/25/20 and the front would be a 245/30/20. On 10.5 rears, there's not be any 'stretch'. For the front and given the MK's are 9" it'd be the same on a 245, there'd not be any stretch. You can go thinner tyres with a higher profile to keep within the OEM rolling radius - my current favoured sizes are 255/30/20 rear and 225/35/20 front, there'll be a small amount of 'stretch' but I'm ok with that, it'd be harder to see upon casual glancing. 


Cheers, Dennis!

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Well, after that lot I have to say 'gordon bennet!'


I think, after reading Dennis's appraisal that I will give it a miss then. I do need to consider that the car is a family wagon, it goes to Sainsbury's, after school clubs and family holidays with grandma and grandpa onboard. 

Riding around on cotton reels and rubber bands is likely to make those applications somewhat more 'entertaining" shall we say :blink::lol:


It was foolish of me not to consider how the practicalities of everyday use will be affected. I also didn't realise those wheels are knock-offs, looking again now how could they not be at that price!

I feel a bit of a twit tbh ^_^


Some years ago I had an Overfinch RR with 22" Khan's on there and that rode like  a wheelbarrow over cobblestones on every single journey, I used to fool myself it was worth it for how it looked.

What a dick :angry:


I think I'll get my BBS replicas refinished, they look a bit worse for wear after this past Winter,  and run them until next summer and get some genuine ones on there instead.


Thank you guys for your advice, its been really appreciated.

enjoy your evening.





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Your family wagon will ride fine in 18s or 19s with the right tyres so don’t worry about that.. The tourers suit 19s IMO due to their overall size whereas the salons are best on 18s or 19s etc...


Theres plenty of room in them arches for the right sized alloy and tyre, it’s just getting the right combo etc :)

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Marc - Don't beat yourself up in that regard! Contrary to common forum belief, it's actually the suspension which has the most effect on ride quality ! Get high quality, well engineered and tested suspension components and 20's ride very well indeed! The Touring in the video Dan posted is 'slammed' and seems it's on static suspension, so most likely a fun / non daily car. I'll most likely be going coilovers and my ride height will probably 15-20mm higher than that example and given I'll be going with the slightly narrower and thus one profile taller tyres, I think the ride quality will be pretty much the same as I have now. 


These 20" MK Motorsports aren't the genuine article as it were. MK Motorsport went out of business I think the early 00's and the intellectual property/designs etc were most likely sold on to someone. With some 'adjustments' to the design, a 20 inch version was made. Originally MK Motorsport wheels went up to 18 inch. It's 'possible' some 19's exist, if so, I've never seen a set! 


I'd suggest not wasting any cash on refinishing the replica's and instead put the cash towards a set of the genuine ones - assuming you mean BBS LM's ? I'll just say, finding genuine LM's that are used and in great condition and which are E39 fitment is extremely difficult and they're rare. There's a couple sets I've seen recently and I think they've sold, a set I had a couple years ago lasted perhaps half a day of me listing them to having the funds in my bank account! Guide price on a decent set that doesn't need a refinishing job would be £1800-2250 for 19's. Anything less than that is a bonus but it's also higher chances they'll need refinishing. Give me a shout whenever you like as I do like to deal in sought after and high quality wheels :)


Cheers, Dennis!

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