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Coolant leak?

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44 minutes ago, Ram Rod said:

My coolant low level warning came on this afternoon on the M25. I was near Cobham so diverted into the BMW dealer there who fortunately were able to deal with "walk ins" at their service department. Excellent service by them.


Coolant topped up, but the service manager warned me that the B47 engine in my 2016 518d has a history of "internal leaks", that are being fixed by BMW even if the cars are out of warranty. Just as well as he said the labour alone is four hours.


I only had the car serviced three weeks ago, but whether the engineer bothered to check the coolant level is another matter.


My car was registered in May 2016 and has covered 38,000 miles.




They only do that during Vehicle check service.


27 minutes ago, Liam2594 said:


I’d love to say yes, but no it isn’t. As a sales place they’re brilliant, aftersales just isn’t as good. Their gesture is greatly appreciated it really is and does make up for the issue. However, it shouldn’t have had an issue in the first place. 


As said my car was previously in there 8-9 times over a 6 month period where I kept being told there was no fault, evidently in the end it was found. 


Does that mean you won't give them 5* feedback rating?

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16 hours ago, Ram Rod said:


Maybe we should go back to petrol?


My next will certainly be a 3.0 diesel, much smoother, quieter, as a real world figure, I don’t see there being a huge difference economy wise. My 520 averages around 40 MPG on a mixture of roads and it’s not really driven very hard, a 530 I don’t think will be a massive difference. 

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