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Calypso 1995 e34 540 on ebay... Mr Calypso.

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Just wonder if any board members are bidding on the 540 auto with black leather It's been standing since 2011 with original bill of sale.

 It's at just under £900 at this moment ... (It's not one of our stock :P) But have been and seen it .



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1 hour ago, GStarrr said:

Are they viable to be saved or are they quite rusty underneath?


 The best looking one needs four jacking points and the bulkhead drains look rust stained ( not a good sign) plus rusted rear sill ends. 

  It needs a second hand boot lid and front wings ... couple of the doors might be savable and the interior stunk of damp.It starts than cuts out ...

  and the auto selector is stuck.

  The good points are service history and original bill of sale (31/12/95 plus passenger air bag. 

 I'm sure this has spent some time in Ireland  as the reg rings a bell.

 The second one is better underneath but has bangs and bumps on most panels and is missing the radiator ( which the owner purchased for spares)


 The owner came over as a nice guy ... To be honest, i was hoping to talk myself and stefan in to purchasing the better looking one ...

 But after checking the 540 over and his expect £2k ... and the auto selector being stuck and rust issues ... We admitted  defeat.    

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