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Rear coil springs - easy or hard?

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One side is lower than the other on my E34 520i, and there’s a slight knock going over speed bumps. I can’t see the break, but the springs look old and rusty, so I’ll get them done. 


Is this a long job, or is it relatively easy?  Is it likely to be an expensive job?

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I’ve removed the rear damper and spring. It’s three bolts holding the top mount and one at the bottom. It’s very simple. Hardest/longest bit was taking the seat out and I’ve just seen your other post about that so that might hold you up. 

I needed some help so push the drive shaft down to get the bottom mount back in. But apart from that it was an evening’s job. The bottom mount bolt can be quite stiff but my 2ft breaker bar was man enough for it. 

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Although I didn’t take the spring off the damper. Done it several times on other cars though. 


Hope the job job isn’t too bad for you! 

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Might be a good time to possibly replace your rear top mounts and maybe the shocks as well? Also check the condition of the bump stops, as they can be shot as well, so again you can change them while you're there.

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I used a puller on the bottom mounts; nearside came off easy, offside was much harder but got there in the end.

I unscrewed the bolt to almost the end of its thread but left it in so the puller's centre bolt used it as the push-point

Springs were £43 each

Boge shocks were £72 each

Top mounts were £22 each, all including vat

I didnt bother with the spring end cushions or bump stops as the originals were still ok.

I had one hidden broken spring, the shocks were the original units and could have been reused but had different levels of resistance when pushed in/pulled out.

My original top mounts were completely knackered, and very noisy.

Mines a Touring so stripping the interior was easy.

Coilovers might have been quite a lot cheaper but I'm happy with the above prices

Good luck







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