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I know them but have not used them for servicing but I'm sure that some here will have - hopefully they'll be along soon.


If you're not too far from Copthorne, West Sussex, Wayne Norris at WN Autos is a very good BMW indie. Additionally, but probably too far away from you, is Andy Walker at Walkers Autotech in Wisborough Green, West Sussex. 


I wouldn't hesitate to recommend either.



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I've used them for work on my E39 M5 and they did a pretty thorough job.  I've also used them for my M1, but they are one of the few places that know anything about those,  they even restored BMW UKs own M1.  I've not used them for routine servicing but they do seem to know what they are doing.  The only criticisms I'd have, and I think they have recently got a new service manager, was that sometimes their communication is not quite as good as it should have been (ringing you back etc.).  

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