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A few little jobs done on the old E34

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Got around to doing a few jobs I should’ve done ages ago today. Tarted up the engine plastics a bit, fitted new genuine BMW door handle seals all round,  fitted the part of the bumper that surrounds the tail pipe, along with a shiny trim to tidy that up. 


Got the new bonnet struts fitted so there’s no longer a risk of being beheaded!


finally got my facelift glove box in, although it needs some further adjustment as there’s a gap on the left side. 


Finally, fitted a new roundel on the boot, and the reproduction  ‘Coopers Reading’ number plates. 


Next job is to give the interior glass a good clean. Hate that job, but I’ll do it myself as no valeter has ever done that job right yet!









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1 hour ago, Sir Anthony Regents-Park said:

Dod you ever contact the garage on the old rear screen sticker and find out who the previous owner was? They wouldn't recognise it!


I didn't in the end Andy.  I did try DVLA for a list of previous owners, but they spat their dummies out.  You're right - it's changed a bit!  I'm enjoying pottering about with it.  I managed to find a set of clean original mats for it last week, and wheel refurb coming up soon too.  After that, I'm considering a pro detail to get it looking as good as it's possible to do, and see where I'm at.


I still haven't changed that headlamp.  It's been on the long finger for a while.......

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You know what?  When I park this car, I often look back at it. I don’t do that with the F10, nice as it is. 


Couple of small fixes today - my folding seats are working again - sort of - and I sorted the centre seat belt. 


Also got the used genuine BMW carpet mats in which came up on eBay - I had new OEM ones, but these are better. 


The wherls are being refurbished a week on Tuesday. I briefly considered upgrading them, but no. These look right. 


Full detail happening in the second second week of July - that’s the earliest I can get the guy I want to do it. He’s VERY good - the car will look as good as it’s possible to look. 






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