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Aegean Blue E39 M5 - For sale at a dealer

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For those looking and wanting a rare colour/individual example, this is one of 6 made in right hand drive. Via the forums, at least one has been written off, one member here has one and I've seen reference to another which was having restoration work being done to it. There's one more I know of that's with an enthusiast and tucked away in his garage!


This one certainly looks like one to put on the shortlist to view at least !




Cheers, Dennis!

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Hi EB!


Welcome and good to see you over here as well :)


It's possible this is the car which I mentioned above where an owner on another forum mentioned he was restoring his Aegean - it was a couple years ago now. It also might not be that car! 


With ANY car you view, it's absolutely vital you go on condition first over any spec or colour or options. There's guides and suggestions on where and what to look for on this forum, M5board, Pistonheads etc, so check for rust, check for more corrosion and rust and check the jacking points for rust..  check all the other areas that are mentioned too. Don't think that because the asking price is high, the car 'must be a minter'. Many, many recent purchasers (over the last 2-5 years or so) of M5's have mentioned they looked at many cars including so called minters and seeing how many were 'misdescribed'!


This Aegean has been up for sale for 6 weeks or so now. I'd have thought at least 10+ potential owners have seen it and at that asking price have had a good look over it ? At £21K, I'd have expected it to have 65K miles max, at 91K miles, you'll need to look into any of the big ticket items being shown in the history as being taken care of, clutch, brakes, VANOS etc all mentioned in the what to look for guides. Look for any evidence of paint / bodywork too. I wonder why the clutch pedal is missing it's rubber cover... 


Good luck with your search ;)


Cheers, Dennis!



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Hi Dennis,


i spoke to a few guys that say the 5er board has more going on....it seems so. 


Yes i cant get my head around the price for the car, yes it’s rare colour and looking tidy but needs the rubbers lifting for respray work. He says the vanos has been checked and would check the timing chain and guides (after I asked about the condition of them) 

to be fair the other m5 you mentioned to me which has lacquer peel is really well priced......so for a bit of paintwork investment it seems like a well looked after m5 which is more important 

i cant get anywhere with the estoril blue one you mentioned which also seemed fairly priced....one thing I’ve learnt is to slow down the right one will come up soon I’m sure......

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That is a lovely car. 

The seller is asking a premium for the rarer colour combo IMO. 

I would say it would shift at £16995-£18995. Its looks a tad strong at todays prices but will it be in a couple of years?

If the mileage was even 10k less then it would be more appealing.

I was offered £13500 for my car on this forum a couple of years ago and was tempted but I wouldnt sell mine for £16k now but mine is 1 previous owner and FBMWSH. 

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