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Diamond shape remote key overhaul.

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My diamond shaped remote on my 2002 E39 became unreliable in plip locking/unlocking the car and now it's stopped completely.


I  see there are some Ebay guys who offer to rebuild your key for about £20. Has anyone used these services?

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I would say it depends if it's your only key.. if something happens to it in the process of rebuilding it, you're screwed.


I only got one key with my Touring and after about 10 months the remote functions started to get unreliable, presumably down to the battery failing. I weighed up trying to do a DIY replacement (which also means trying to cut open a glued together key) and decided it was probably time to just pony up for a new one and keep the failing one as a spare.


A brand new, coded and ready to go key from BMW is £150, should you decide to go down that route.

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Thanks for your thoughts.


It was the only one that came with the car but a couple of years back I bought a non-remote key from the dealers as a spare. I think that was £30-£40 and I was happy with that to get a proper key.


But as far as I know the manual key just locks but doesn't set the alarm and this year on holiday we will have the car in public parking for two week so want to have the alarm set.


To be honest this car has been so good to me for the past 4yrs if it was the best option I'd be OK with the dealer's £150.

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i used a guy in london sent him a trashed key i had cut open to change battery an screwed it up :D

i wasnt sure if it could be fixed

thay foned me so say will be all good 70 quid all in came back looking like a new one 

working fine

now i tend to swap them around every 3month or so to keep them both charged

the chap is well known in bmw circles i think but i cant find hes name

but i did get it from this forum


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