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2004 E60 530d (AT) - Won't rev past 4000 rpm after remap

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Hi all, this is my first post on the forum! It's a pleasure to be here and definitely a massive amount of knowledge.

I've spent many hours looking through existing threads but none of the solutions posted have worked on my car.

The problem is I've got my car tuned from 218 hp to ~270hp. The power increase within the 2000-3500rpm is incredible and I'm very happy with it, BUT..

The car won't rev past 3900-4000 rpm regardless of the gear (keeping it in M2 i can cruise at 3900rpm with my gas pedal to the floor). In neutral it revs to about 4200. Before the remap and in the DS mode, it pulled strong all the way to 4900 and then shifted.

Before the remap car had only one error code (no gearbox errors etc):
4587 - fuel filter (I think this refers to the heating element and not the filter itself?)

After the remap (and bouncing off the 4000rpm "redline") two additional codes pop up (the codes don't pop up during light driving from 1500-3000 rpm):
4B11 - engine-roughness regulator
4863 - driving speed regulation (with this error present my cruise control no longer works)

Also noteworthy - when the car sits at the 4000rpm the MPG needle sits at the middle (~30mpg), until that speed it goes all the way to the right on the heavy acceleration. This might be of relevance.

Another thing I've noticed is when the car is in neutral and I try to keep the RPMs steady at ~1200 - it bounces slightly from about 1100-1200. I don't know if that was the case before the remap.

Things I've tried:

Resetting adaptation values in INPA - no difference

Unplugging the MAF - the only difference is a check engine light and a slight power decrease on low RPM

Replacing the air filter - MPG slightly better, no change to power. There were dried leaves in the air filter housing - removed of course.

Looking at INPA live data - maximum injector correction is about -1.5 (cyl6), so should still be fine

Hose inspection - No visible cracks on vacuum or air hoses, although the pipe that goes from the intercooler to the intake manifolds seems a bit greasy.

Here are the relevant screens from INPA live data (at idle) : https://imgur.com/a/zmVvL

What could be causing those problems? Should I go back to the stock map?

Thank you!!

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Long shot, but you didn't specify any kind if hard cut limiter or anything did you? Does it stop abruptly or does it feel like it revs out naturally? 


Personally I'd go back to who mapped it and just ask for standard software to be put on whilst you're trying to work out the problem. The MAF can cause issues like this but I wouldn't throw money at a MAF without trying a standard map on it first. 


Where abouts are you based?

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