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Hi folks,

Could somebody  suggest which  DSP to get for e60? 

Everything  else is installed including  the kill  switches... previous owner had a JBL MS-8 fitted, but when I had a chance to buy it I didn't. ... I didn't  know back then what the DSP was and that I will need it. Now I am ready to get my hands on the DSP but.... don't  want to spend  £500+ .... anybody has any alternatives or mybe a used one for sale? I need something  with 8+ channels  due to my setup. 


That JBL MS-8 have good reviews  oline, but the product is discontinued. I Need a alternatives  to that, any suggestions would be appreciated. 

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Are you going to be using the Sound Processor (DSP as you reference it !) to take 'all' the speaker outputs from the  OEM amplifier in your car ? It sounds as though you are given that you mention the MS-8. 


Given that you mention you don't wish to spend £500+ then you'll likely need to keep searching for a used unit to come up. The other 8 channel alternative which comes to my mind is £600 in the shape of the Mosconi ONE 60.8 DSP




If you call Amar at Team SPB, he will explain it and possible other routes you could take (if any) given your budget/audio requirements/current setup design (tell him I sent you along !)


Cheers, Dennis!

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