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E39 19'' Staggered Parallel Wheels

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E39 Parras:


2 x 19 x 8.5J ET15 fronts

2 x 19 x 9.5J ET20 rears


They need a good refurbishment. The lacquer is peeling off and there are kerb marks. No cracks or previous repairs. Price for the wheels only. The rear tyres are shot completely due to a aggressive camber. Fronts are so so. Collection from BN18 0AS unless you want to organise your own courier. 


Price 390£









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Been lusting after a set of these since I first bought my ‘39 (over 4 years now)

It had to be a set of these or some Breyton Inspiration’s B)


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I have a very specific project in mind for these and also a very specific refinishing route for them as well. 


New batches of these haven't been made for a good 3/4 years now, so only used sets are coming up every so often - If a set comes up, I suggest purchasing asap !


Milo - Breyton are one of the high end BMW tuner brands and everything they make is of high quality. I'd say get real Breyton wheels instead of unbranded Replica type wheels. The Breyton Inspirations are rare to see on an E39 and whilst they're nice wheels, they're not sought after as such. For me, the Breyton Magic Racing look really good on the E39 in 19 inch sizing. I sold a set of those a few years back for around £500 or so, with decent budget brand tyres (it's how they came to me). The Breyton Vision's can also look really good too. Are there any other sets of wheels you like? if they're more of the sought after, tuner brand, high quality or rare to find wheels, I'll keep a lookout for you as those are the kinds of wheels I'll often deal with. I give a miss to budget brand, OEM or replica type wheels for the most part - only the rare/specific ones I'll keep an eye out for!


Loadmaster - The correct term is 'lip' ;)


Cheers, Dennis!

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Yes slam they are replica’s.

Weird really as sometimes a set of these go for a lot more money than the oem 18” parras they are based on :o

@Dennis, yes mate I know the Breytons are getting rare now (even more so in the spec I’m after)............one day ! 

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Yaaaa ! Tracked down some Breyton’s and going to view soon ^_^

I’ll open my own thread as I have some questions as the rears are 10j with 275 tyres which are slightly stretched  :rolleyes:





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4 hours ago, richyx said:

knew dennis would of snapped these up lol


So did I,  just surprised it took him so long. 


ps, does this mean that the best looking car on the forum is no more? 

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