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525D Tourer rear suspension play/groan.

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Over the past few months my 525D has developed an odd feel at the rear. In normal driving there are no clonks from the rear suspension, it tracks straight and tyres wear perfectly evenly. But if you take off quickly from a standing start say on a roundabout there is a feeling of movement at the rear with the slightest sound. It's almost felt through the car rather than heard. Today I got it jacked right up and tested all the parts I could at the rear by levering with a 3ft bar. There is nothing obviously loose or clicky and the only slight sign is a rubbery play at the opp end of the lower bush to the ball/rose joint on the driver's side which is my perception where any play might be. See image with red arrow. It seems impossible to fully replicate the movement caused by torque in driving.


Also if you reverse a few yards and stop sharply with the window down there is a dry rubbery groan from the o/s rear wheel area.


Subframe bushes and anti-roll drop links have been done, shock absorber bushes are good, upper front arms have been replace and rear ones have no play. Lower main arm inner bushes are good. There is no play in the propshaft or rear driveshafts.


So I'm guessing the problem has to be in the link and/or rose joint?? Has anyone had these symptoms and cured them??


Any thoughts appreciated.

E39 old rear link.JPG

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i think you are spot on if every thing else is covered , thay are a known to ware

there's the 2 bushings also in the swinging arm but as yet i cant find a proper part number for them

as real oem only gives part num for the whole assembly ( doing my rear end in the summer)


have you got the tool to remove them ?

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Thanks. These parts aren't a fortune so I'll go for them and fingers crossed. I'm going to buy one of the £30 tools for the ball/rose joint from Ebay.

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