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2001 51 BMW 530i Sport Auto Saloon - FOR SALE

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Reluctant sale of my 530i due to lack of use and the prospect of further expense to (finally) get my 02tii back on the road this year after a very slow restoration.


4 previous owners plus current owner since August 2012 at 80000 miles. Initially registered to BMW GB, this vehicle features numerous factory options valued at around £7k when the car was new - these include black leather interior, fully electric front seats (including headrest adjustment), tilt/slide electric glass sunroof, 6CD changer, 18" parallel alloys, Communications pack - navigation, analogue tv receiver and integrated phone socket (minus handset), plus unused detachable tow bar. The car also comes with the original alloy spare wheel and a complete tool kit in the boot.


This has always been my weekend car and for the first three years of ownership covered around 8k per year as I used it to travel to football matches around the country. Since the arrival of a junior member of the household in 2015, we have tended to use the missus' car at the weekend, so the E39 mileage has dropped to a few thousand a year. 


This all changed last December when my E61 Touring got stolen (damn that comfort access option!). As I used the E61 for work (I travel 20k+ business miles per annum), I had to use the E39. At the end of November the car had covered 109588 miles - in the next three months it covered more than another 6000. If nothing else this underlines how good these cars were and still are, as it never missed a beat throughout. Over £5k spent during my ownership, with a folder full of receipts for the work completed. Full BMW service history until I had Oil Service and Brake Fluid changed at 114980 at a local specialist in February 2018. MOT until 4th August 2018. Current mileage 115603.


However, since getting the service done I have not used the car for work and with the prospect of the car going back to its more occasional use and the likelihood of some further expenditure being required (front discs and pads plus attending to the rust in the usual places), I have reluctantly decided to move it on.


You will note from the photos that there is also a crack in the OSF bumper, a consequence of a glancing blow from a passing car whilst mine was parked and some lacquer peel near the OSF fog light. The car is currently on a matching set of Bridgestones, but I will replace the borderline NSR with a new tyre before sale. The OSR is okay as it was replaced 3 months after the full set following an un-repairable puncture.


Having done a deal to buy a new car for work this weekend, I thought I'd post the details on here to see if there was any interest prior to chopping it in as a part-exchange this week.


Price £1500 but open to offers. If any of you are interested, please let me know.





Dave 07792 389933






RO51OEX 051_resized.jpg

RO51OEX 047_resized.jpg

RO51OEX 028_resized.jpg

RO51OEX 030_resized.jpg

RO51OEX 032_resized.jpg

RO51OEX 033_resized.jpg

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That's a cracking looking car, with superb history and up for sale for shitty banger money!


If this isn't snapped up toot-sweet then I'd be very surprised!


GLWTS, it looks a stonking car ;) 

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Thanks for the feedback - I'm not averse to anyone offering me more for it, obviously... ;)


I'm sure that there are plenty of years left in this car yet (and I've probably done them myself had I not put three years' miles on it in so many months!). Amongst that 6000 miles were a 532-mile round trip to Edinburgh in a day; an even longer trip to Plymouth and three journeys to Milton Keynes.


I looked at a lot of dross before buying this car - utilising the buyer's guide information on the threads on this site to assist (so a belated thanks for that!) it was mainly the spec and BMW history which swung it. That said, whilst the previous owner had kept up the history, there were numerous items that required immediate attention, relating to suspension, inoperative headlamp washers and renewing the brake pipes. Total cost (at a specialist) was nearly a grand, which did make me doubt whether I'd bought the right car, but it has since proved to be a great car that I have thoroughly enjoyed owning.


I've priced to sell quickly, in the knowledge it will need money spending on it immediately and would rather it stayed with the forum community where someone will continue to look after it as it deserves.

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Wow, 1500 quid for that. What a bargain, particularly with all that history availabe too. Was going to wish you GLWTS, but doubt you'll need it!

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Nice one. That is close - must have been registered in the same day.


The closest I'd seen was RO51OEA (silver e46) on the M62 a couple of years ago - although I may be able to go one better...


A 320d Touring spotted on the M1 last Summer and then the next plate in sequence - my old 320d M Sport Business Edition 4dr.



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