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DONE. e60 MASK Coding For Better Audio. Getting Rid Of Factory Eq

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As promised here is my mini write up regarding the audio in my e61.


I have mask with basic 6 speaker audio.
a mid in each front door.
Underseat subs
2 rear mids.


First thing I did was fit my Sony sound-on-top amp for a little bit of extra umph.
Next was adding tweeters to the front doors which helped a lot.
As others have noticed it's a bit brash on the top end as the eq on the front speakers is shaped to boost treble due to no factory tweeters fitted.

Next I wired in an active sub and took the feed from the rear speakers but could never get it sounding like I thought it should.
So a bit of delving into the wiring on WDS and some other bits of research and found out that the rears were high passed so there wasn't much to feed into my sub.


OK we're getting somewhere.


In the basic system the front mids are wired in parallel to the subs so it stands to reason that the signal although with enhanced top end does have low frequencies.
The rears are fed a high passed signal removing the bass.

So I've read up about people coding the audio to HIFI in the VO to try and get a better sound with less than perfect results.
This is because on the hifi system the fronts are mid and tweeter and assume high passed. The rears are still high passed and the subs are wired on their own from a separate amp. 
So coding VO to hifi on a standard system removes the bass as there is no extra wiring and amp for the subs. They are all fed a high passed signal.

So coding HIFI removes bass from your factory subs as well as removing the high eq. So no low frequencies, not good..

So we know the system is capable of full range to the fronts and coding the VO for HIFI swaps one problem for another.
Ideally I wanted the amplifier to function the same but without any eq "enhancements".

BMW being what they are I thought I'd delve into the coding to see if I could tweak a few things and see if it made any difference.

I pulled an ecu trace file from the mask with NCSExpert and RevtorsExpertProfile and with ncs dummies began tweaking the coding, testing,reverting to standard and trying again with different tweaks.
I went through all the HIFI settings going back and forth until I looked at FILTER settings. Seems obvious I know but you had one setting for e60 flat. 

All 4 filter blocks were set to e60 flat and I coded the mask.
Happy days!

Rear sub started kicking and the front factory subs performing nicely.
Top end brashness gone and all round a big improvement.

Obviously I have a mask unit and it seems this mod is only applicable to that, not ccc cic unfortunately. 

Here is a pic I took from ncs dummies to show where the blocks start.


Set this to e60_flat
Do the same for block 2,3 and 4 then code the ecu and job done. 

These are the only parameters that I needed to change. All other audio settings are factory.

If this works for others then great.

I'm by no means an expert so please back up your trace files so you can revert back to standard if you have any problems as I don't want to be responsible for any issues with this if you choose to try it..
It is done at your own risk but it's pretty straight forward if you are familiar with basic NCSexpert coding.


If this has worked for you then please post in this thread so it can be confirmed it is a good mod.



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This is exactly what I'm after great work.


Like you I have added Logic 7 tweeters to my bog standard stereo spec CCC, treble is way too high even at zero flat on treble setting.

I have upgraded all my internal speakers including the subs to Logic 7 items and only used a separate aftermarket amp to power the subs (taking the high level feed from the underfloor sub by the way).


I'm going to try the filter coding via NCSEXPERT tomorrow, will follow up with feedback.

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Unfortunately the CCC professional I-Drive does not have have the ability to code out the EQ on the base stereo system, I tried high and low today going through all the modules CAPPL, CHOST, CGATE, CTUNE, CAUDI and these filter block values simply don't exist.


I've also tried to look for the equivalent to no avail, so it seems like only the MASK  has this capability :(

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