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Widescreen Nav Screen Repair

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Anyone have any idea of the cost to repair these specifically the pixels ?

Recently picked up another good unit but just wondering if my old one is viable for a repair. How much are they worth anyway with loss of pixel damage (minor) ?

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You'll need to contact these guys to get the correct LCD panel for the E39


http://www.fiesta-tech.co.uk/dashboard-display/BMW LCD


Then follow most of this guide to swap it with the older one with the faulty pixels - you'll need to get as far as this guide shows then work out the rest in order to swap. I 'think' there's another guide on the internet somewhere which shows the remaining steps but I don't have the link to it - once swapped you need to reverse the process to assemble the unit up again. It's tedious and you can very easily miss specific steps on where to put things back etc. 


If that's all too much then a widescreen monitor with some failed pixels would be perhaps £50'ish assuming it's a specific E39 monitor as no one wants a unit that's faulty. 


Cheers, Dennis!



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