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E28 Lighting and Body Panels

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Hi all, not much progress on my e28 build over the last year but I have started building a list of parts that I need to start ticking off.


I have priced these up at my local dealer but wanted to reach out on the forum to check where the best sources are for these parts in 2018.

The dealer prices are pretty high as I imagined. almost £100 each per indicator and fog lamp. Wings came in at £167 each, Front valance £210 and Upper front panel £241 and that's all with a 10% discount.


  • Fog lamps and indicators (both Sides)
  • Both front wings
  • Front valance
  • Front upper panel (the one the grille attaches to)


Any guidance on this would be much appreciated.



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Try https://www.carz2.co.uk/bmw-518-528-e28-81-87--16190-c.asp for body panels. Worth asking what they can get. Hadrian used to make good panels. Some of these may be similar. I have used the sills before and some were excellent.

German sites are good for parts. I bought from a site called, http://teiledirekt.de The site has been down since the beginning of the year. Many of the parts were cheaper than everywhere I tryed.

This site is I think connected but I have no experience of them.  https://www.daparto.de/Nebelscheinwerfer-Einsatz/BMW-5er-E28/2-191-1924?kbaTypeId=134


Hope it helps. 

Now get on with the project and keep it moving forward. 

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Front valance price is good - I was quoted £415 + vat before they reduced the price several years ago.

Front upper panel - I had the last one available in stock at Hadrians when they were still at Westbury in Wilts in my hands. Again, the price you were quoted is good.

I had the existing one treated and  refurbished instead.

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On 03/04/2018 at 12:48 PM, M-Division said:

Thanks for the replies gents, I'll be ordering soon and will feedback on the quality etc.


Did you end up ordering?

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No, not ordered any panels yet, other stuff has gotten in the way, but I did refurb 6 sets of headlamps!

I'll post something up when I get around to ordering.




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