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Hi All


Not sure if this is the right section but as seen as this is the latest 5 series section thought you guys would be the best to ask.


Had a call from the My Dealer to saying the usual stuff "they got to sell 30 cars this month and as a loyal customer with a car under 2 years old would I be interested in changing". Didn't bother as due to me being on 4 year PCP and  have only had the car 18 months and covered just over 3000 miles. 


Got me thinking though how long before your PCP is due do you guys start looking at new cars?


Cheers Steven

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It all depends if you want an upgrade..to a new model line or not... if you are looking to get the same model.. what’s the point...

48 months is great and by that time  the vehicle line will change significantly..


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I received mine in June 2017 (5 months post launch) on a 48 month PCP so will likely look to change in around month 37/38.


reason for this is the fact that the old F10 was facelifted after 42 months on the market and the G30 will likely be the same. With that kind of timing I will have a year left in the car when the dealer will really want to sell me a new car and will be in time for an LCI

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