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E39 Latest Multimedia Head Unit Options....

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I've been out the loop on these for a few years now, I had a Dynavin in my previous E39 purchased probably about 2014 I think. Anyway - what are the latest/best offerings? I have seen adverts for "Pumpkin" units? Dynavin are still there....not sure on others but there seem to be many now.?


Dennis? Is this your forte?


Any guidance / up to date advice - much appreciated!



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Hi TrM5,


This is my area of interest yes!


For the Chinese route, the 'best' of them is the recently announced Avin Avant 3 unit. It has much better OEM look aesthetics, promises OBC and DSP support and is also a mechless unit so shallow and easy to fit. It's only available from Avin in the USA and it's pricey once you add in the various import costs - 



The next best unit would be the Dynavin N7, but it doesn't have all the features of the Avant 3. The best support for these units is only with the USA based importer/reseller and for that market mainly. The UK importer/distributors have changed recently so maybe they'll offer the same level of knowledge and after sales care.


Overall, with the  rest of the 'Chinese' route of replacement head units, the situation is pretty much the same as previously, in so much that the units awash all over ebay and with 'brand' names like pumpkin, secaine, erisin, xtrons, eonon etc it's buyer beware as there's very little good support and after sales care. If you get a fully working one that stays working longer term, you'll be one of the few lucky ones. 'Some' purchasers are happy, the majority aren't. Over the years, some of those brands have been mentioned a lot on many BMW forums and after a short while, the problems begin to be mentioned. Some have even sponsored forums and again, threads have started off well and then within a few months problems arise and little support for purchasers and then removal from the forum by the owners as they then don't wish their forums to be associated with them (Eonon!) From a 'functions' perspective, then they have the latest technologies but given their low quality/generic quality, reliability and performance/Sound Quality etc are low.


There's a 'new' UK based company now that sells a number of these 'clone' type replacement units and are the latest company here attempting to retail them in accordance with UK retail law. The ones previously who did the same now no longer exist and/or decided to stop selling chinese head units, so 'hopefully' these guys will support/warrant these units properly and for the long term. They're called Audio tech direct - https://audiotechdirect.com/


For the high quality, premium recognised and established brand route, you can choose from Pioneer, Alpine, Parrot, Kenwood, Sony, JVC. Out of the box, none have 'oem ish' aesthetics about them as they're all the standard DIN or Double DIN sizing (they do offer specific fit units for certain cars but not the E39). I personally prefer this route given I prefer all the reliability, much better performance/SQ, proper after sales care and support if needed from local UK independent car audio dealers etc. 


Ideally, what solution are you looking for to have installed in your car?


Cheers, Dennis!

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Dennis you are a gent and a goldmine of information!


I personally prefer the OEM look items. I installed Dynavin previously and found it a reliable system. Satnav was excellent, the amp was plausible and genuinely did improve sound quality, but the interfaces were clunky and the telephone integration poor. OBC interaction was good. Overall I was happy enough with it as I don't tend to make too many calls on the move. However I also recall it costing circa £1k all paid for and installed inc reversing camera. I dont want to spend that again.


I hoped that in the 4-5 years since, there had been a step change in user interaction and bluetooth capability, plus an expected price drop. 


I def wont go pioneer JVC etc route - I'd rather keep oem system in place with a bolt on USB thing via the old CD changer comms.


I shall look at the options you list above - your insights are invaluable and have saved me time and effort running down blind alleys - so are much appreciated!

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