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E34 TDS back from the dead

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Almost 4 years ago I declared my e34 sorn and left it to die behind the house in the alley.


Yesterday i visited the car bearing the gift of battery. Plugged the new battery in, waited for the glow plug light to turn off. Started first time, perfect idle.


Put it into drive, the torque quickly overcome the rusted calipers. Lifted on the tow truck I bought it home.


Spent all day washing her, had plants growing in the bonnet, moss in every crevice. Still the car is dirty. Baby steps.


Thanks to eurocarparts weekend sale, going to do a full coolant flush, and a air oil service this week. New tyres and hopefully ready for mot next weekend. 


The car has been sitting in a muddy alleyway for 4 years. The engine bay is full of spiders. What maintenance should I be doing? I will be getting new discs, pads, shocks, springs, and anything else I can get my hands on.


Is there anything I should look out for after this much time ?

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pray the diesel pump doesn't die. There will be plenty of dramas no doubt, shagged suspension, rusted brake lines. Is it damp or dry inside, these like any car don't really like laying about for long periods in active 

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you talking about the lift pump? or the one in the engine bay? i already have a spare mech pump from a 524td for the engine bay. I plan on steel braided brake lines, i have about half the needed components for a full suspension refresh.


Right now I am worried about rust tho, seen a few bubbles on arches and doors. Gonna take the sills off soon and pray.


Car was bone dry inside including the boot. 

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