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E39 washer jets

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10 minutes ago, E39Man said:

I'm thinking about tackling a similar job by replacing the entire hose (bmw sell the hose as one piece instead of individual bits). 


It looks like you have to remove the wheel too for better access. Is there a method to to this job with wheel in place?


Nope; wheel off, liner peeled back or out and it's all there


Takes 2mins to get the car up onto an axle stand and wheel off ;) 


Another idea would be to sanitise the washer bottle whilst this jobs being tackled. Boiling water with white vinegar and some bicarb in it will be more than enough, or use a dilute bleach solution etc

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So final got around to sorting this. 


Cause was blocked filters. Piping all good. Interestingly it was blue washer fluid that had coagulated not rank green stuff I've seen before. All very clean. 


Cleamed intensive tank too. What are we filling this with? Just concentrated wash?


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I use this; very light solution through the summer months and heavier concentration through winter etc:




Zero issues and no smearing too!


However, one thing I can highly recommend is clay barring the screen, amazing at what crap cokes off, even if you think you've washed it well!

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