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E39 M5 potential restoration

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Here is a question that will no doubt cause a lot of debate.  I am looking at restoring my E39 M5, not that she is in bad shape but the typical areas need addressing:


  • SAI Warning
  • Rear Arches
  • Sills at the front
  • new bootlid


There are other bits that need doing and the mileage is 111,400 now, the idea is that I would have her resprayed whilst getting the bodywork done.  In my mind its worth doing as I intend keeping her and after the work is done keeping her in storage and only driving her occasionally.  What else would you do if anything and what would determine if the work I have planned is actually worth it?  I am budgeting around £5,000.  What are your thoughts, my seasoned E39 M5 sages?

One more thing which is annoying the hell out of me and I only just noticed my gear knob doesn't light up at the moment is there a series of checks I can do to rectify this?

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Hi Peter 


I am in a similar boat - 5k sounds fair for a restoration. I would say refresh the badges all around.


I picked up my M5 a few weeks ago and my gearknob did not light up either - I pulled the gaitor up (its clipped in) and traced the cable and it was cut - I soldered it back on and it now lights up...



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great thanks I will have a look, I have had mine for the last 10 years.  But now its time for refresh and give her lots of TLC.  Is there anything else you are looking to do?


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heres my list: (you did ask lol)

Remove Window tints DONE
Repair autodimming mirror
Repair LCM
New Mats (OEM M5 logo)
Steering wheel refurb (poss tri colour stitching)
New OEM knob (possibly F10 545i upgrade)
LED interior bulbs DONE
Remove all door cards, silicon the interior panels to stop moisture
Sound deadening 
New Centre Dome light DONE 
New rear map lights DONE
Source M Audio Subs
MK4 Nav unit
Whiter angel eyes - DONE
New OEM badges front DONE
new BMW rear emblem
new M5 emblem
Refurb wheels in OEM shadow chrome
New wheel nuts (black)
Locking wheel nut
New wheel badges
OEM M5 Chrome kidney grilles
E92 LED number plate units retrofit (NOT FITTED)
Corrosion on rear of sills
New fog lights (possibly upgrade projector)
Refurb Xenon headlights 
Spare Key needed
Rear Pads / Discs
Suspension Overhaul N/S/R Shock
Brake lines [metal lines]
Engine Tapping noise possibly big ends
Rear differential leak
Rear propshaft cv joint

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would be interested to know where you got your LED interior bulbs from & what the codes were.


Looking to do mine in the near future.







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