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Reverting to prefacelift tail lights

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Hi All

Recently while trying to fix my PDC sensors I noticed some water in the boot by the pdc sensor

Its coming from the tail light

Previous owner fitted the facelight celis lights which Ive never been a fan of

As I took off the unit I noticed the frame of the bucket had been altered and caved in probably to accomodate the lights

As Im fitting a set of the original lights I was wondering how I can ensure a perfect water tight fit 



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Used the wrong kind of seal (clear)

And used a hose to check for leaks

Saw nothing for 10 mins

Then as Im putting the battery back in I discover a flood, Ive stripped the boot of trim and radio system 

Ive ordered the butyl type sealant

Il keep you all posted

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Thanks guys Im fitting the older lights but it seems the pervious owner rammed the frame section in I will seal up the two holes that were made to fitt the celis lights

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