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535i Andrew

ISTA wiring diagrams and fuse numbers

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Can anyone tell me if ISTA wiring diagrams gives the fuse number as in fuse number on the cardboard print out and in the fuse box?


I'm looking to do some electrical work on the car so for safety want to pull the fuse. 


I'm not on my pc with ISTA so can't check, I'm planning what to do in my lunch hour on my works pc.  I've got a screen shot from ISTA to look at which doesn't give the fuse box number.  


Or does a newer version of ISTA show this?



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ISTA does give the fuse numbers as does newtis.info (as it is based on ISTA). You can work back from the (search) "Front fuse and relay module" or "Power Distribution Rear" in ISTA locating the circuit (fuse) you want to isolate. 

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