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remote lock doesnt trigger rudolph's nose

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Also side view mirrors should retract but they don't. I have set them to close and it happens during the normal lock procedure.  So there is no visual indication its locked


Not impressed with this app. Too many shortcomings with it, including no indication of windows , sunroof tailgate open closed status


 I should add that I am outraged

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Mine definitely shows status of doors etc etc.


Will not close mirrors however. This is supposed to be a convenience app however, not a remote replacement.


think about it. If you have your remote with you, you wouldn’t use the app would you. The only time I’ve used this is for example at work, if I need to pop out and get my wallet from the car but don’t want to take keys with me. 


Dont really think it makes that much of a difference to be outraged over tbh

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8 hours ago, Back2Beemer said:

Do you have to have an extra functionality for it to actually work? Mine just says "Unknown" against everything...

Mine said unknown until I paid the £60 for it now it all works fine 

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