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Selling mercury

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Sounds like you're doing the right thing.


I mean, I'm always wary when they tell you to chuck your dead fluorescent tubes into a steel box full of others (often broken) at the local tip and wonder if you get a lungful of the stuff when you open the door. But the purpose of those boxes is mercury reclamation from fluorescent tubes, so maybe looking at who handles it on the side of the box could help?


I still remember the massive panic attack I had when I broke my beloved vintage neon sign in my storage unit and wondered what I was exposing myself to; yet when I contacted a sign maker/repair company they didn't seem overly concerned, they wanted to know if I'd kept the bits of tube as a pattern! (Answer: no, I took them to the tip, explained they had traces of mercury in them like a fluorescent tube and was told to lob the remnants in the tube bin!)


This is why there is now only one CFL in my house, until such time as it packs up: all others (including brand new ones) are to go to the tip, as I have now almost completely switched to LED lighting. I like the tiny electricity bills and more to the point, I don't like having glass bottles with mercury in them, even if it's only milligrams.

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