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Error: 67 Vanos inlet camshaft, end position not reached

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I took my car to the mechanic to get the serpentine & aux belt changed, as a precaution as I'm on 132k miles. Ended up needing the thermostat doing too, fair enough. Upon getting it back, it was idling very rough, it would cut out when you stopped, and it was misfiring all cylinders. Check engine light was on, I was stalling in traffic. Managed to get it back to the mechanic's (after they were closed) and the error was: "67 Vanos inlet camshaft, end position not reached".


I also noticed that the garage didn't really put the Expansion Tank reservoir back properly, they'd tried to zip tie it (it was already a bit shoddy - the plastic is little) - and it was leaking coolant *everywhere*. 


Now the mechanic is trying to find the source of the issue, which, of course, they believe is nothing to do with what they've done (before I took it in the car was running beautifully). I purchased a new Behr Hella expansion tank and they've fitted that, too.


I don't think it's *actually* the VANOS seals as I believed that to be a more gradual thing and the car was just fine before.


I thought it might be the coolant spilling all over a few sensors in the engine bay, and perhaps getting the Cam Shaft sensor soaked with coolant. However, there's no specific error coming up for the Cam Shaft sensor (would there be?), just misfires. However they are literally right next to the thermostat that they changed, as well as near to where all the coolant was spilling/spraying.


Do you guys have any suggestions, that I could relay to the mechanic, obvious things to check etc?





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A quick update, the mechanic said he found the fault. It's with the piston/spring which pushes the solenoid which controls the VANOS. He said the spring/piston is not returning into place properly. He said it was not to do with the seals (unless this is what happens when the seals go?).


The short term solution is to simply leave the solenoid disconnected/disconnect the VANOS as opening that can of works was a bit much for him, and my bill was already quite high.

To be honest, i haven't noticed much difference in the way the car drives. It might have less low end torque as I've read, but I might be imagining it. i don't think MPG is different, at least according to the computer.


I think I'm best off looking for a BMW specialist that will be more familiar with the issue.


Any input/advice is welcome!





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