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LCI Halogen Headlight question...

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Hi all, brand new to your forum, thanks for having me :-)


I've got a question about fitting LCI halogen projector headlights to a Pre-LCI (3/2007). I foolishly bought a pair of these after being told they were plug and play and as it turns out...they're not!


I've done some research and there are two plugs on the back of my old headlights and from what I can gather they're called X13420 (left side - 8 pin plug), X13421 (right side - 8 pin plug), X1034 (left side - 4 pin plug) & X1035 (right side - 4 pin plug). I believe the 8 pin plugs are for the bulbs and the 4 pin plugs are for self levelling control. I also tried to do some wiring diagram mapping but just in case the loom colourings are different I thought I would ask if this has been discussed before and also if there exists an easy to follow wiring diagram. I'm fairly proficient but don't want to go damaging something. There may exist an adaptor hopefully but I can't find anything on the internet :-(


The halogen projectors have a 12 pin plug. I've included all of the plug types as images for reference and ANY help would be much appreciated.


Thank you so much in advance

X130 Plug 12 Pin.png

X1034 Plug 4 Pin.png

X13420 Plug 8 Pin.png

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