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Well, it looks like some cars are in for it with the new MOT emission values for diesel, see below.

Think the old MOT value was 3.5


2.2 What you need to know

The amended limits to be applied from 20 May 2018 are:

1. First used before July 2008 None turbo 2.5m-1 or plate value if lower
  Turbo 3.0m-1 or plate value if lower
2. First used on or after 1 July 2008 All diesels 1.5m-1 or plate value if lower
3. First used on or after 1 January 2014 All diesels 0.7m-1 or plate value if lower


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7 minutes ago, jake13 said:

They are targeting post 2008 registered cars. Their rationale is that pre-2008 cars are worthless, uneconomical to maintain and eventually phase out of the market.

More like the majority of cars on the rd these days are from 2008 onwards! So they can get more money out of the motorist with repairs and retests.....


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