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Random Saab question re 900 classic tool tray

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So I have in eBay a tool tray from my old Saab 900 as they used to be in scrap yards and not plundered like every bmw. 


Ive made up the tools as I recall them but have three missing slots.


pretty sure I never had anything for them though thinking perhaps the hole held an alternative Torx?


any way here's the link any clues as to what's missing?



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Not all slots were filled in the tool trays on the old 900's or any Saab for that matter.


It depends what options it had i.e. one with a sunroof gets a emergency sunroof tool in case the electrics fail. Same for the roofs on verts etc.


If you have the registration number you can get the VIN on Blueprint and with the VIN you can get the original spec list on thesaabsite.

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From memory ray the straps hold the box to the underside of the boot floor. 


Its a fibre box stapled to the floor floor with leather straps and press studs to hold it up. 


Quite crude really.  The holes themselves look like small screw drivers but no kit I ever found had them. 

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