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Retrofit FSC BMW Apps,Apple CarPlay for EVO

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BMW NBT/NBTevo FSC codes available.
Simple activation.

For F-series you need E-sys + usb flash.

006F - Satellite Tuner
009C - BMW Apps
009E - iSpeech
009F - TTS
00A0 - Navigation system Professional
00DE - Navigation system Professional
00E5 - M Laptimer
00XX - Map Code

FSC for NBT Evo 
• 006F - US Satellite Radio
• 009C - BMW Apps
• 009E - iSpeech
• 009F - TTS
• 00A0/F0 - ECE/US Navigation
• 00E5 - Laptimer
• 0143 - Apple CarPlay
• 016E - Speech NLU
• 016F - Speech TTS

For details, write in PM

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