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M88rt j

2 years of 535d ownership

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Well 2 years ago today I purchased my e61 535d in pretty much standard set up , was down the mother in-laws over Christmas so took a pic roughly the same spot but 2 years apart, has cost as small fortune but have replaced / upgraded a lot more than the photo shows but you get the idea of how much it's changed 



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9 hours ago, baku911 said:

Any major repairs during those two years? What's the milage you have covered so far?


About 15k miles in 2 years , have replaced the following parts in that time -


2 x front shocks

2x front suspension arms

2x front rear suspension arms

2x top mounts

2x front drop links

2x engine mounts

Anti shudder valve (throttle body)

2x track rod ends



Vacuum lines

Top boost hose

Boost hose seals

2x rear wheel bearings

Tailgate glass hatch switch 


And the routine engine / gearbox servicing etc


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Nice, good info, thanks.


I've bought mine (saloon) 4 months ago. So far, only had to replace the battery as it died one morning. It was ten years old, it was the original battery the car left the factory with. I was well surprised and impressed it lasted that long!

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