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Road Tax Fine

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Yeah, it came through at the same time as the slip that confirmed I am no longer the keeper of the vehicle in the same way as other vehicles I have sold previously.  I'm just not sure how their system could have thought I had tax on it?  I just declared it SORN when the tax ran out back in August and I have checked there have been no payments for any further tax since.  But totally agree, its pretty worrying that kind of error can happen, I mean If I have received a refund in error, his many people out there have been charged extra in error??

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5 hours ago, SuperDave said:

Agree, but there are two drawbacks - 1) foreign companies/hgvs will carry enough fuel never to need to fill up here, however we could introduce an overseas registered vehicle charge

2) the roadtax process is a good way to enforce a check on insurance of those vehicles on the road, otherwise we dont have a central record that owners are forced to use



1) Do they not do that anyway? And would it make that much difference if we are actually getting revenue from the people who are currently avoiding RFL?

2) The kind of people who are deliberately dodging RFL will in all probability be the uninsured tosser who rear ends you in a traffic queue. If they can get away without being caught for RFL what is to say they are insured or that the vehicle has a valid MOT?


I am not saying do away with the central database, just change the way the RFL is collected.

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True enough, but hgvs cause so much damage to road surfaces vs a standard weight vehicle, they need to find a way to charge appropriately and keep British transport fleets competitive! 

Anyhow, did you know the post office is still involved with the RFL? Trying to get a refund of tax on mine due to a change in status of the vehicle and apparently the post office needed to update their database! Very wierd.

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