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Johnny Disco

Hi, I'm New x 2.

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Hi all, just found the forum mentioned on a post in a Facebook group so thought I would come and see whats going on and hopefully learn a few things.


So I've just bought my first ever BMW. I've had several cars over the years, old, new, somewhere in between. My own and some company cars too. I've even had a few bikes. 


Anyway I was actually looking at an old Merc Coupe which I wanted to clean up, sort out the stance and put some nice wheels on. But it had more rust than i'd been lead to believe and more miles too at 270,000+. So back to the drawing board and along came an E39 535i SE at the right price and in fairly good nick. I'll post some pics when i've given it a once over but I'm pretty sure you all know what they look like. ;)


I absolutely love it, in fact i've been driving it more than my daily which is a 2015 Peugeot 308SW GT Line (I used to work for Peugeot a few years back and still have some contacts so I got a good deal and it takes care of a multitude of tasks). I've put 300miles on the E39 this week already but my wallet is asking for a break now so back to the 308 for a few days till i'm next off shift at work.


Thats it for now, will post some pics up at some point in the next week or so.


See you around.



(oh and new x 2 meant new to the forum and owning).


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Welcome to the forum Johnny - sounds like a lucky escape from the 'dark side'..!


The 535 sounds decent, as you say, pics when you can. 

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Well I was going to upload some photos but it looks like photo bucket has gone to the dogs so I went to try Imgur but my provider Vodafone has changed their certificate with one of their own which is out of date so another brick wall. Found a way round it by changing my DNS and then got locked out of my router. Half an hour on the phone to Vodafone and nobody is there to help so please call back tomorrow. What a day. I'll take my laptop to work tomorrow and see what I can do from there. Hope some of you are having a better day than me. If only BMW did broadband eh.......? 




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Right, I used MS paint and another image hosting site I found but with any luck there's a 50/50 chance this will or will not work. Also I didn't take these but will give it a wash and take some next week and see how it comes up.









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