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Any HiFi enthusiasts here?

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I have had an old mini HiFi separates system in a box for a few years, and now that I've got some space, I'm going to set it up.  It's a Technics SC-CH530 setup with tuner, CD, twin cassette decks and an added Technics SL-J1 linear turntable, all from around the mid 1990s - so not top end stuff, but a good mid range thing back in the day.  It's in great condition, however the original speakers, while working fine, look pretty crap, and Her Indoors is complaining about them.  They are 2 way 6 ohm things, with nominal output of 25 watts.


Can anyone recommend some good but inexpensive floor speakers which would match these pretty closely for sound?

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Most floorstanders under £500 will be fine


If you want cheap; then look for a set of Acoustic Energy AE109s or Neo 3s locao to you on eBay/Gumtree


If you want brand new; then Q Acoustics are very good


These are only £99 at Richersounds: https://www.richersounds.com/hi-fi/floorstanding-speakers/tannoy-floorstanding-speakers.html


However, decent standmounts on stands will sound great too; an easy drive will be needed for the 25w RMS; so 6-8 ohms will be spot on (Wharfedale Diamond 9.1/10/1 or 220s for example) or Q Acoustics again


Something like these: https://www.richersounds.com/hi-fi/standmount-speakers/q-acoustics-q3010-matte-graphite.html on something like Soundstyle stands: https://www.richersounds.com/soundstyle-z2-stand-blk.html would be spot on


What's your budget?

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Thanks chaps.


These speakers are actually 3 way 35w things - I had the wrong information there.  I might see what they sound like when I get this all set up, and if they sound good, see if there's anything I can do with them cosmetically.  They seem to be quite well built.

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